Vulnerable Binge Times

Vulnerable Binge Times

Is there a pattern to your unhealthy eating? Do you find yourself overeating in the evening? Or finding yourself losing control when you eat a certain food?

This is the perfect time to plan ahead and know what you are going to do. Something helpful is having a thought you can practice thinking.

Lets say you always overeat sweets at night and feel guilty. What if when it comes down to the moment you know exactly what you will eat and you feel confident instead of overwhelmed by the amount of food you eat.

For example, tonight I plan on eating dinner and then a snack after. Putting your snack on a plate or in a bowl is helpful to set a clear start and end to the meal. When you are done eating, it is time to do healthy behaviors like self-care and spending time doing things that you enjoy.

Building a habit of structured eating will give you more and more confidence that you can sit through your “vulnerable times” without falling into a full blown binge.

For me, knowing my body can handle food and knowing that I can eat it again when the next opportunity comes around gives me confidence and trust in myself. And every time I face a situation that would have turned into a binge, I don’t have to think twice because I know that I am not going to binge.

Believing in yourself and your ability to handle it before you are faced with an uncomfortable situation makes all the difference.