Trusting Yourself With Food

Trusting Yourself With Food

While I was in treatment, my dietitian literally put me in a room all by myself with all of my fear foods. Which was basically all the foods I would binge on.

I did fine, but probably because I was in a treatment center and didn’t have the option to purge. If I was truly alone I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle myself around all those sweets and rich foods.

So what hadn’t I figured out yet that made me so anxious around those foods?

I needed to feel confident that I was in control of when I would stop eating the food. I was so used to feeling anxiety around food that I believed that I wouldn’t stop eating if I started.

Then I started to look at my problems in a new way and I asked myself new questions.

What if I trusted myself around food? What if I knew I would stop eating just as confidently as I know I will stop drinking water when I’m hydrated?

I would trust myself to eat my meal and then not worry about eating more when I was done. I wouldn’t worry about eating all the cookies because my body will tell me when to stop.

The reason why is because food started to become more neutral and didn’t cause such a big spike in my anxiety. I felt confident around food and then I ate from a place of confidence.

And how does a confident person eat? With balance and love towards themselves. And that’s exactly how I eat now.

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