I’ve talked to many people with binge eating disorder and bulimia who have significant trauma in their lives. If you carry the weight of trauma, big or small, this message is for you.

Your past is in your past. Everything that you’ve done or has been done to you is in the past. 

At this moment, you are safe and okay.

The reason your past still effects you is because the thoughts you have about it at this moment.

And I’m not saying those thoughts are wrong or invalid.

But if your thoughts are creating pain and causing negative cycles in your life, I have good news.

You can change thoughts. You get to think whatever feels good and serves you. Really diving into the deep, uncomfortable thoughts and understanding them in a new way can free you from the weight they cause you.

You deserve to have the pain of your past taken off of your shoulders.

The things that cause you pain don’t have ANY POWER. You have the power. This is a beautiful thing because nobody can take that away from you.

Having trauma and having an eating disorder doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you. And when you begin to see that, everything will change.

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