This is Why You Body Shame Yourself

This is Why You Body Shame Yourself

Do you want to be thin, but you think you are fat? That is a thought, not a fact. You get to decide how you think about your body. And how you think about your body will impact how your care for it.

I’ve met underweight women who have a lower body satisfaction than some overweight women. Some women would be thrilled to have their body, but they aren’t because the thoughts they have about their body.

Shame is an uncomfortable emotion for most people. For me, it is a feeling that makes me want to dive into bed and hide from the world. It feel heavy and empty at the same time.

I have spent a lot of time feeling shame about my body. A perfectly healthy body, a body that does so much for me. Yet, I thought things about my body that caused me to feel shame.

Did you know that you don’t need to think or feel anything? I didn’t.

We tend to believe that certain events have to be interpreted a certain way. But they don’t! You can be happy when you get fired or when a friend betrays you.

The reason you feel shame about your body is because of the thoughts that you have about it. And you have the ability to think anything you want.

This doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily choose to feel happy about everything. But it is important to know you have that power, nobody else can control how you feel.

Isn’t that powerful? Nobody has any control over how you feel no matter what. You have all the power.

I decided I wanted to stop thinking negative things about my body, and instead think neutral and positive things.

It started with, “I have a body” and then I was able to appreciate my body, “My body allows me to do amazing things” and eventually “I love my legs, they are strong.”

These thoughts create a different result in my life. They change they way I treat myself and other people. I appreciate my body and I treat it with respect.

You can do this too. Make a point of noticing your thoughts about your body. If they aren’t helpful, you can try brainstorming new ones.