This is What is Holding You Back

You want to stop bingeing, right? But do you really believe you can?

What would life look like if from this day forward you stopped feeling the insatiable desire to gorge yourself with food?

I got honest with myself about this in recovery. I realized it would be hard. I’d feel really uncomfortable emotions. Fear, anxiety, sadness, shame, anger and disappointment. I’d have to feel it all without escaping with bingeing. Or try to solve it by restricting my food or coming up with a new diet.

Food wasn’t going to solve any of my problems. I had to learn to use the power of my mind to overcome my demons.

Man using scissors to remove the word can’t to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation

I had to get really uncomfortable and sit through really uncomfortable urges, but eventually I realized I was capable of sitting through them.

Believing that I wasn’t a slave to food freed me. The thought that food controlled me gave food even more power over me. Believing I could feel ANY emotion helped me take back the power.

So start with the thought that you CAN start your journey to recovery. And then practice believing it over and over again. Because you CAN!