The End of Your Story

You can create a life where food isn’t an issue.

You can create a relationship with yourself that is loving and safe.  

You have all the power to decide what the end of your story is.

You can’t control the past, your family or what other people do, but you can control the way you decide to think about them.  

You can control the things you do to overcome the obstacles you’ve faced so far in life.  

Then you can move beyond it all.   You can create a life that is bigger and more fulfilling than you can even dream of.  

What if you chose to believe that you will have a healthy relationship with food despite the struggles you’ve had up to this point?

What if you went and created a life where food isn’t an issue?

What if you confront your issues head on?  

What will your life look like?  

Comment and answer those questions!

And have a fantastic week!   

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