Self Care in Action

Recently, half way into a work out, I felt a sharp pain in my left hamstring. I immediately stopped to stretch and take care of my body.

In my eating disorder, not doing an extra rep, working out for an extended period of time or not feeling exhausted afterwards meant that my workout wasn’t good enough.

I’ve made a lot of progress with my thoughts about exercise in the last few years. The thought I changed that has impacted my relationship exercise is, “I love my body and I love to see what it can do”.

For me this thought has changed the focus from changing my body to caring for my body.

My goal this year is to focus on exercises that allow my body to become healthier and stronger. I’ve really been emphasizing core workouts, stretching and yoga because I have a weak core and tight muscles which has caused me a lot of back pain.

In my eating disorder, stopping a workout half way through was something to be ashamed about. Now it is a sign that I’m not pushing myself to the point of injury and I feel peaceful with my decisions.

What is your motivation to work out? Are you taking care of your mind and body or are you trying to burn the most calories? Are you motivated by guilt or love for your body?