Resistance to Intuitive Eating

Reasons Intuitive Eating isn’t “working” for you:⠀

I know you because I was you! I was doing ALL these things, so there’s no judgement here. But if you want FREEDOM from binge eating (which you can have) it’s important to take a deep look at these 3 things.⠀

• You are turning to food for things other than hunger because food is your primary coping mechanism (this is simply a sign it’s time to add some new tools to your toolbox)⠀

• You haven’t worked through the diet mentality & you’re holding on tight to the promise of another diet (example: trying intuitive eating primarily to lose weight)⠀

• You are expecting yourself to be the perfect intuitive eater. (It is SUPPOSED to be a messy process)⠀

All these things are a normal part of completely rewriting your relationship with food. ⠀

Let the process be messy, just don’t ever give up! Peace with food is worth it!

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