Post-Binge Shame Attacks: 4 Steps to Get Back on Track

Post-Binge Shame Attacks: 4 Steps to Get Back on Track

Post-Binge Shame Attacks are intense and without a strategy, they can set you up for another binge.

These steps can help you set up a strategy to conquer any “post-binge” shame.

But first, there is no need to feel shame after a binge. Early in my recovery, I liked to remind myself, “I’m not quite there yet, but I’m taking steps in the right direction.

How to set up a strategy: 

1. Set up a meal plan that you can stick to.

It will be tempting to skip your next meal, especially if you want to lose weight. Still eat the same meals, at the same time as planned. 

You might not eat the same portion for the next meal, but try to eat as normally as possible. This will set you up for success by preventing intense hunger later on.

2. Don’t answer the urge to “make up for it”.

Shame likes to trick us into thinking that we need to make up for a binge in order to feel peaceful again. The truth is, “making up for it” is like chasing your tail. Exhausting and not very fruitful.
3. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO: Allow yourself to sit in the discomfort.

The truth is, we don’t change until we really feel the discomfort of our current patterns. Many of us run away from discomfort every time it comes knocking and stay in the same, unhelpful cycles.

The goal is to break out of that.

4. Ask yourself, “What can I do to show myself compassion and self-love right now?” and do those things!

Allowing discomfort and sitting in self-pity are very different things. Don’t push away the discomfort, but take care of yourself as you feel it. This too shall pass.
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