Obsessed with sweets?

Obsessed with sweets?

I felt out of control, even as I was being praised for being the one skipping dessert.⠀

Part of my identity was eating healthy! Yet I was always thinking about food.⠀

As I learned more about eating disorders, I realized I was not alone.⠀

It is estimated that 3.5% of women and 2% of men struggle with binge eating disorder. It’s the most common eating disorder.⠀

That means that you probably know several people (or more) who struggle in secret.⠀

When there is a name for it, there is a solution. ⠀
So what is the best way to overcome binge eating disorder?⠀

Getting down to the root cause, restriction, habit, or emotions. It could be one or all 3. It is important to acknowledge the CAUSE so you can HEAL.⠀

Because you can heal!⠀

I know a lot of you are looking for tools you can use to overcome binge eating for good.⠀

That’s exactly why I created the 5-day challenge where I will teach you how to coach yourself.⠀

I wanted to create something free that can help as many of you as possible!⠀

I included daily lessons and journal prompts to help you do the deep work that leads to lasting recovery.⠀

This is for you if you are:⠀

• Frustrated by a lack of progress.⠀
• Feeling stuck in therapy⠀
• Need tools that you can apply to your unique circumstances⠀
• You’re fed up with binge eating and you’re ready to feel better.⠀

Are you a part of the 5-day challenge yet?

What are you waiting for?

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bedrecovery/ or send an e-mail to krista@kristacouchcoaching.com to get the trainings sent to you.

Can’t wait to see you there.

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