want to stop binge eating?

There's a lot of overwhelming info. That's why I creATED A COURSE THAT FOCUSES ON WHAT YOU CAN DO THIS WEEK . It's called:

Here's what you'll get...

  • In a short class, you’ll learn the most impactful topics that every binge eater must know.
  • A workbook will help you have the insights needed to set an impactful action-based goal for the week.
  • I will help you develop an attainable goal each week and plan for obstacles that may come up.

It’s a system designed to ensure your success.

I tried EVERYTHING. I met with dietitians, therapists, a hypnotist and I even went to residential treatment. Nothing helped me stop binge eating. When push came to shove, the urge to binge felt too strong. 

Once I found tools that actually helped me, I was determined to help other women experience the same freedom. 

I was certified as a coach through the Life Coach School, and now I’ve spent the past 3 years helping women overcome binge eating.

What are you waiting for?