I’m Listening

I’m Listening

The murder of George Floyd has led to a wave of protest, advocates speaking up and many members of the Black community to SPEAK UP about racism, injustices, and police violence.

This is a complicated issue! Issues that stir up intense emotions.

I just want to speak up and say “I’m listening”

While I don’t understand what it is like to be Black, I do know what it’s like to be human. We all have stories and valid reasons for what we believe.

So this weekend I listened to people in the Black community who are speaking up. I heard their voices.

To be honest, I disagreed with a few things I saw and heard.

But I listened! I asked myself some tough questions. I got uncomfortable. I let myself question some of the fundamental things that I believe about myself.

We grow when we get uncomfortable. When we challenge ourselves! When we listen!

If you are black and have been speaking up, THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your story and putting yourself in a vulnerable spot. If you are part of another race that is discriminated against, THANK YOU! If you are white, it’s our chance to listen!

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