Happy Relationships Have Nothing to Do With The Other Person

Happy Relationships Have Nothing to Do With The Other Person

Happy relationships don’t have a single thing to do with how the other person is acting. If you aren’t happy in a relationship, you have all the power in the world to fix it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it is ok to be in an abusive relationship. Hear me out though.

There have been times where I have needed other people to love me so desperately because I didn’t love myself. If they didn’t love me in the way that I needed them to, I was upset and made myself miserable.

And as long as you depend on someone else to make you feel lovable, you won’t feel lovable. Believe me, I’ve tried it. You have to love yourself in order to feel lovable.

And when you love yourself, it is a lot easier to love and be loved.

Before I met my husband I went through a breakup and I realized something, I was never going to be happy with someone else because I wasn’t happy with myself.

When I met my husband, I was so happy on my own. But he is awesome and I just enjoy loving him. And there aren’t so many unrealistic expectations. I didn’t need him to love me because I already loved me.

So what’s the point of a relationship if you don’t need to be loved by someone?

It’s someone to love. You get to love someone even when they don’t love you. You get to enjoy how amazing the feeling of love is. You don’t tolerate an abusive relationship, but you also don’t expect anyone to be perfect.

It’s freeing, it’s beautiful and it’s definitely worth celebrating. So love yourself and love all the people in your life, it’s such a beautiful feeling. Happy Valentine’s Day!