Want to stop binge eating?

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You need support that is personalized

You don’t binge eat because you’re weak or greedy. You just need support that actually helps YOU!

You don’t need shallow advice:
  • “Just stop restricting”
  • “Just go for a walk instead”
  • “Just listen to your body”

If that worked, you would have figured it out by now!

I remember how exhausting it was to…

  • Hide binge food wrappers at the bottom of the trash
  • Break promises that “tomorrow will be better” as soon as the urge to binge hits
  • Worry about food & weight instead of living in the present with loved ones
  • Wake up & fall asleep thinking about food
  • Feel utterly alone in this
  • Spend too much time, energy & money on food

It's time to break free

I created this group coaching program to give you the tools you need to overcome binge eating for good. It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

The work you will do on yourself in this program is a powerful investment in your future. 

It includes:

  •  12 group meetings where we will do the deep work that creates lasting change
  • A group chat so that you can ask for support at any time of day & build meaningful connections with other women going through the same thing
  • Weekly classes to help you…

Picture yourself ...

  • Enjoying the moment during a dinner with friends instead of worrying about food.
  • Relaxing during a night alone at home without fighting the urge to binge.
  • Forgetting about the chocolate in the cupboard.
  • Pursuing your passions without letting your body or food get in the way.
  • Building momentum towards your personal goals

The application process gives you a chance to meet me, ask questions, and talk about your goals before signing up. This process also ensures that the group coaching program is reserved for people who are a perfect fit.

You’re ready for a better relationship with food. This includes being ready to invest time & money.

We are focused on making changes that last. This isn’t about making the binge eating go away, but still feeling empty inside. Coaching will help you transform your relationship with yourself, starting with food.

If you binge eat & want to stop, you are welcome here!

It varies! I will pick the groups based on time zones and try to match you up with people you will be able to connect with. I like to keep the groups small, but not too small.

I will make sure that you have a meeting time that all the calls will be recorded so you can watch them later. There will not be a call the week of Thanksgiving!

We will meet 12 times, over the course of 14 weeks. There are 2 weeks in November with no meetings.

I welcome participants from all over the world into this program. As long as you are comfortable with being coached in English you are welcome to apply. I will consider your availability when choosing meeting times.

2 hours a week. 1 hour to watch the group coaching call, and another hour throughout the week to complete coursework and ask questions in the chat. The time you can commit will probably vary week to week and that’s okay. 

You can apply for group coaching and make a note in your application that you are interested in hearing about 1-on-1 options as well.

I tried EVERYTHING. I met with dietitians, therapists, a hypnotist and I even went to residential treatment. Nothing helped me stop binge eating. When push came to shove, the urge to binge felt too strong. 

Once I found tools that actually helped me, I was determined to help other women experience the same freedom. 

I was certified as a coach through the Life Coach School, and now I’ve spent the past 3 years helping women overcome binge eating.

What are you waiting for?