Getting Out of a “Recovery Rut”

Getting Out of a “Recovery Rut”

When you aren’t making progress, you’re in a “Recovery Rut”.

It’s normal to feel stuck sometimes, but why stay stuck?

A “recovery rut” I experienced:

By bedtime, I was ravenously hungry and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was challenging to eat mindfully and intuitively when I was SO hungry.

I wasn’t eating enough throughout the day! I was scared I would lose control.

I needed to trust my body and feed it when I was hungry.

Getting “Unstuck” begins with challenging ourselves! Doing something outside of our comfort zone.

If you want a new result, you need to change the thinking that is getting you there.

Stop beating yourself up for being stuck and begin searching for the solution. Because there is a solution!

Are you in a “Recovery Rut”? Chose a time below and we can get down to the bottom of what is causing you to stay stuck!

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