Food Isn’t the Problem

Food Isn’t the Problem

When you are looking at a pile of empty food wrappers, I know food seems to be the problem. 

A problem that needs to be fixed with losing the weight! Staying away from food!

Food is NOT the problem though.

Food is just the way you have learned to cope with life.

The real problem isn’t the food, it’s not having the skill to allow discomfort.

We aren’t usually taught how to feel uncomfortable on purpose.

Food is your solution when the discomfort of life gets too intense.

What if you didn’t need food to cope with life?

What if you had the skills to cope with any emotion without food?

Binge eating wouldn’t be an issue. You would know that you can sit through an urge to binge with an abundance of peace.

You can sit through over-desire for food, heartbreak and anger. And you don’t need food to cope.

You need to learn how to be uncomfortable in order to free yourself from binge eating.

But isn’t the discomfort worth being present for the good parts of life?

I’d much rather be uncomfortable on purpose, in the present moment, than later on with an uncomfortably stuffed stomach, shame and embarrassment.

I’d rather face life head on, fully process the difficult stuff and move on with peace so I can also show up for the good parts of life.

You deserve to fully experience life!

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