Ending Food Comparison

Food Comparison makes us CRAZY🤪⠀

Are you a plate watcher? 🍽⠀

Always making sure you aren’t eating too much or too fast compared to everyone else?⠀

It took me years to stop 🛑 comparing & begin honoring my own signals. ⠀

But when I did 🎊🎉⠀

We often only see a small picture of other people’s eating habits & we are so much better off trusting my own body.⠀

Sometimes I eat less than the people around me and sometimes I eat more 🤷‍♀️ I’m just listening to my own body.⠀

3 Tips to stop 🛑 plate comparing:⠀
-Check in with your body as you eat⠀
-Remember that you only see a small picture of somebody else’s nutrition/exercise⠀
-What is an exciting thing you can think about or talk about when comparison creeps in?⠀

🍽 Lets face it, what we eat is the least interesting thing about us.

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