Our emotions determine all the actions we take in our lives. Yet so many people don’t understand what it feels like to experience certain emotions. This is because very few of us actually experience emotions.

Many people resist emotions, react to them by acting out, and distract themselves with food or their phones. It can be so easy to distract or buffer our emotions in our world that has so much abundance, but their can be negative consequences.

An eating disorder is direct consequence of resisting feeling our emotions. While using any disordered eating behaviors, you are escaping your emotions.

I used to be very distant from my emotions and anytime I felt something uncomfortable I’d run away from it.

The solution is learning to feel your feelings.

Understanding what different emotions feel like make all the difference in how well we understand ourselves and why we have a roller coaster relationship with food.

Here is some helpful steps that can help you become more familiar with emotions:

Don’t Judge It

If you judge sadness, anxiety or any other emotion you won’t be able to fully experience it. Just see it as a sensation. Be curious about it instead of scared of it.

Describe It

Go into detail and describe what it feels like. Think about like a scientist would. What does your body feel like? I know when I get sad I feel warm and an empty sensation. When I’m excited, I feel strong and energized.

Name It

Understanding what an emotion is and how you feel it will offer you so much emotional intelligence. You will be able to observe yourself and the actions you take in your life in a whole new way.

The worst that can happen is an emotion. The more you learn to feel your emotions and embrace them, you will experience your life in a new way. There is nothing to be scared of when the worst thing that can happen is an emotion.