Diets Lead to Binge Eating

Dieting seems like a logical solution to stop binge eating. Except…

DIETS don’t work. Some studies have found that 95% of diets fail and any lost weight is all gained back within 3 years.

There are a few reasons diets don’t work, but a big reason is the thoughts that fuel dieting behaviors.

We are thinking:

I don’t like the way I look” or

I need to make up for that binge

Then we are dieting from a place of shame, fear or another negative emotion.

The diet might work for a minute, but the negative emotions that are fueling the diet + the hunger caused by the decreased calories = perfect storm for a binge.

Negative emotion + hunger = intense desire for food

This is the last thing we want to do when we want to stop binge eating.

What do I recommend?

We want to do the opposite of the binge eating formula.

Helpful thoughts and emotions + nourished body = no need to binge eat

We do this by diving into our brains and examining what we think about ourselves.

We can learn to really love ourselves. Then, it is a lot easier to eat well.

Feeding our bodies healthy, nourishing, tasty and satisfying food is one of the greatest acts of self-love.

This is the cycle we want to help you or your loved one who is struggling, create for yourselves.

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