You need support that is personalized

You don’t binge eat because you’re weak or greedy. You just need support that actually helps YOU!

You don’t need shallow advice:
  • “Just stop restricting”
  • “Just go for a walk instead”
  • “Just listen to your body”

If that worked, you would have figured it out by now!

I remember how exhausting it was to…

  • Hide binge food wrappers at the bottom of the trash
  • Break promises that “tomorrow will be better” as soon as the urge to binge hits
  • Worry about food & weight instead of living in the present with loved ones
  • Wake up & fall asleep thinking about food
  • Feel completely alone in this
  • Spend too much time, energy & money on food

It's time to break free

I created this coaching container to give you the tools you need to overcome binge eating for good. It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

The work you will do on yourself in this program is a powerful investment in your future. 

It includes:

  • Weekly meetings where we will do the deep work that creates lasting change
  • A Voxer chat so that you can ask for support at any time of day and to help you stay accountable
  • Weekly classes leave each call with a clear goal you can achieveThe support you need to go from wanting to stop binge eating to actually doing it.
  • Text or audio message support between calls

Picture yourself ...

  • Enjoying the moment during a dinner with friends instead of worrying about food.
  • Relaxing during a night alone at home without fighting the urge to binge.
  • Forgetting about the chocolate in the cupboard.
  • Pursuing your passions without letting your body or food get in the way.
  • Creating a positive domino effect as a result of overcoming self-sabotage.

You’re ready for a better relationship with food. This includes being ready to invest time & money.

This program isn’t about making the binge eating go away, but still feeling empty inside. This will help you transform your relationship with yourself, starting with food.

If you binge eat & want to stop, you are welcome here!

We can set up a weekly time or you can use my scheduling software to pick a different time each week. 1-on-1 coaching is built to be flexible and fit the needs of your lifestyle.

What are you waiting for?

Schedule a Zoom call and we can discuss your next steps.