Things You Might Not Know About Me

I help girls stop binge eating because I’ve been there. I know how challenging changing it is to make peace with food.

I took my eating disorder in as part of my identity.

“I am someone who struggles with food” was a core belief I held about myself.

I had to intentionally create the life I wanted for myself in order to heal my relationship with food.

My life isn’t perfect. I make mistakes. I fall down. But my relationship with food is no longer what holds me back from growing in other areas of my life.

I want to encourage you to drop the labels of an eating disorder and mental illness and get in touch with the person you want to be.

This is the first step towards having a healthy relationship with food.

Here are a few things about me and the life I have created so far:

I am married to my best friend.

My husband Chris and I have been married since July 2018. Marriage has helped me grow in many ways. I use the same coaching tools I teach to overcome binge eating in my marriage in order to overcome my weaknesses and work towards being a loving, patient and supportive wife.

I love the outdoors.

I have had some of my most spiritual, transformative and simply FUN experiences on backpacking trips, hiking or even just running outdoors. I jump at any opportunity to get outdoors and do something fun.

I moved states twice this past year.

In August 2019, we decided to move from Idaho to Oregon for my husband to pursue better career opportunities and in order to be close to family. And just last week we moved from Oregon to Washington (only 40 minutes away from where we were living) in order to be close to my husband’s new job.

We are hoping to stay here for a while, settle and make more friends here.

I volunteered at an orphanage in Romania for 4 months.

Volunteering and building close bonds with the kids I worked with was rewarding, challenging and humbling. Living in a different country, dealing with some challenging obstacles and knowing I made a difference all made this a rewarding experience.

I finally have my own dog.

I have always been a dog person. And I’ve bonded with every dog I’ve lived with. Just recently, Chris & I adopted our own dog. She is an angel and we love spoiling her.

There is a lot of good in my life and also some difficult things I deal with. I am so grateful I have tools to help me through all of it.

There is a life out there that is free of disordered eating. It is possible and I am here to help you get there!

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You are Enough

I stopped believing that anyone could fix me or fix my relationship with food.

In high school, I had a week full of eating disorder behaviors and I saw my grades slipping, my athletic performance tanking and I was hardly interested in being with my friends.

I thought that I was broken beyond repair. But I wasn’t

Then I tried my best in therapy and treatment. And I kept binge eating.

At this point I was certain I was broken!

But I was never broken beyond repair. And I know that because of where I am now.

You are not broken either. You can believe that now, even if the evidence seems to point elsewhere.

You can learn how to manage your mind and create a life without binge eating.

If you or your daughter is struggling…

If you want some help, (for free)…

Choose a time below to meet one-on-one with me. We can take a look at your personal obstacles so you can see the path towards healing.

Choose your time zone and select the time that works best for you.

You are Not Broken ❤️

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Shame: Binge Eating’s Companion

Shame and eating disorders are close friends.

My relationship with food caused a lot of shame! Especially when nobody else knew I was binge eating.

The fear of someone finding out that I was out of control I was added an extra layer of shame.

Shame is a heavy emotion. The problem with it is, the longer you avoid it, the heavier it gets.

When we avoid feeling our emotions, they might go away for a minute. The food might make it easier for a minute.

The problem is, they bubble back up. And they overflow into other parts of our lives.

It is so important to acknowledge them before they bubble up.

As I began getting help, talking openly with people I trusted and working towards recovery, the shame was a little bit lighter.

Talking about our shame with someone we trust is the best way to begin healing from it. Stopping the shame from flowing into the rest of our lives.

You deserve to stop binge eating for good.

You can schedule a free mini session below and practice coping with shame in a healthy way.

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3 Reasons Why You Binge

When I started to struggle with binge eating I believed it was a character flaw.

I was wrong!

The more I tried to control food, the more it controlled me.

It turns out that the more my negative thoughts about myself and my relationship took over, the worse my binge eating got.

I know how shameful it feels to have an out of control relationship with food, but I also know how possible it is to stop binge eating and not even think about binge eating any more.

It can be easy to eat what your body needs.

It can be easy to stop eating when your body is full.

Once you understand WHY you binge eat, you can begin experiencing those changes.

1. You aren’t allowing yourself to eat enough during the day

Undereating is the beginning of overeating. It is not only the amount of calories you are eating, but the reason why you are restricting your calories.

Our brains think we are starving when we begin restricting our food from a place of self-hatred.

Once you eat, your brain and body won’t want you to stop. Your desire for food will become out of control which will usually lead to a binge.

It’s important to learn how much and what kind of foods your body needs. This will allow you to

2. You are mean to yourself

It’s hard to allow an urge to binge. It requires that you sit in discomfort for a little while.

You need to have confidence in your ability to do hard things and compassion towards yourself in order to take the difficult step of allowing an urge.

3. You haven’t learned the skill of allowing an urge

Allowing an urge is a skill. It takes practice.

Until you can sit through an urge without bingeing or numbing in another way, you will continue to binge.

Allowing yourself to feel the discomfort and strong desire to binge, but not acting on it is the key to healing.

It begins with practicing.

I can help you see the steps you can take to not even want to binge eat in a free mini session for you or your daughter. Click the button below to schedule.

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How are your goals going?

If you set New Year’s goals, this is the time of year many of us start slacking a little bit.

Whether it’s healthy eating, going to the gym more, staying organized or implementing more self-care, it is important to have a plan for staying on top of it.

  1. Have a clear list of all the steps accomplishing the goal.

Clear steps will allow you to avoid overwhelm and take massive action. Overwhelm is caused by a lack of clear direction.

2. Put those steps in your calendar.

Putting them in your calendar makes it easier to follow through with them. When the time comes to take the next action, you can follow through. You know that you’ve committed yourself to your goal for that time.

3. Understand the obstacles you will face.

Write down 3 obstacles you will have and the plan you will put into action when you face that obstacle.


I don’t feel like working–>I will coach myself, set a timer for the amount of time I will be working so I know exactly when my next break is.

The weather is bad and I don’t want to go work out–> Have appropriate gear on hand in order to make it easier

4. Do thought work on these obstacles.

When you actually face obstacles, learn how to coach yourself through them.

2020 is your year! Go out and chase your goals with passion.

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How Can Your Loved Ones Help Your Recovery?

Who are the people in your life that support you in recovery? Does anyone even know what you are going through?

Eating disorders can be isolating. Learning to open up and build relationships with the people around you can be a huge leap forward in your recovery.

So much of the therapy and family groups I’ve participated in have set the false expectation that your supporters need to be careful not to trigger you or say things that make it worse.

I do think it is helpful when supporters learn how to help you in the best way possible, but that isn’t always realistic, some people are going to say things that aren’t supportive. You get to choose how to interpret that.

What if your husband or relative comments about how much food you are eating? Or maybe something about your body? Or someone says you couldn’t be struggling with disordered eating because you look fine?

Their comments are neutral. They only hurt you because of the thoughts you have about them. Maybe you think “are they right?” “I guess that’s evidence that I am fat and ugly”. We can make ourselves miserable with these thoughts.

But what if anyone else’s comments were neutral? It would be a lot easier to accept the support that they do offer without feeling miserable when they say the wrong thing.

Learning to filter your own thoughts and choose your own thoughts is empowering, but it is also difficult. Be patient with yourself if you find yourself offended or upset. Just notice that your thoughts are creating your emotion.

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Growth Mindset

When you’re stuck in a cycle of bingeing and battling with food it can be easy to get discouraged. But what if it is an opportunity?

What if facing your battles with food is your greatest opportunity to grow?

I am so grateful for my battle with food because it has taught me how to manage my mind and increased my self-awareness. I know that I can feel any emotion so I’m not trying to numb the pain when anxiety or depression come around.

My understanding of my potential has increased. I don’t feel like I’m doomed to struggle with food for the rest of my life. In short, I’m a better women for overcoming my struggles.

So why not see your disordered eating as an opportunity?

It is your chance to grow and become the next version of yourself. And it all starts with taking a look in and understanding that your thoughts and your emotions aren’t beyond your control.

If you want help in your journey of understanding the power of your mind, send me an e-mail at and we will set up a FREE mini session.

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What is Healthy Eating?

What does a healthy relationship with food look like?

This is a complicated question and it’s something I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating. We all have such different perceptions of what is healthy and how we should eat.

Here are a few tips on how to decide what a “Healthy” relationship with food looks like for you.

Your Body Feels Good

My husband has a lot of stomach issues, so the foods he feels healthy eating are sometimes different from the foods that energize and satisfy me.

We eat foods that we both can feel healthy eating and both have a good balance. Sometimes you have to really consider how your eating choices are impacting your energy and strength. Sometimes this includes a lot of trial and error.

You Honor Both Hunger and Fullness

The skill of tuning into your body and knowing when and how much to eat is emotionally and physically important. Learn the signs your body gives you when you’re hungry and full.

For example, when I’m hungry I begin to slow down, crave food and my mind gets a little foggy. Then when I’m satisfied, my food doesn’t taste as good anymore and I don’t feel the need to eat anymore.

You Eat and Then You Move On

Obsessing over the food I ate has been a regular habit for most of my life. Until I learned to practice managing my mind and using thought work. I would be able to tell you everything I ate and when I ate it for the past week. Then I’d binge and I’d spend days feeling guilty and punishing myself.

Now I can eat and then move on with my day. I still plan and remember my meals, but it doesn’t determine my mood for the rest of the day.

You’ve Found Your Groove

I’ve heard judgement from the body positivity community about anyone who wants to be healthier and I’ve definitely heard the other way around.

A healthy relationship with food requires that you let go of all this chatter and eat in the way that is best for you. Only you know what you need, I’m just here to give you the tools to help you discover what you want your relationship with food to look like.

E-mail for a free session today. I work with people from all over the world.

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Single Valentine’s

With all the roses, chocolate, love songs and couples everywhere, it isn’t an easy day to be single. Especially if you want someone in your life.

But even if you are single, I want to point out that it can be a beautiful holiday.

Love is one of the best emotions.

Emotions drive all our actions. So what do you think love produces? How do you act when you feel love?

How would you act if you felt love towards your body?

Ponder these questions and consider all the beautiful things you can celebrate today!

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I’ve talked to many people with binge eating disorder and bulimia who have significant trauma in their lives. If you carry the weight of trauma, big or small, this message is for you.

Your past is in your past. Everything that you’ve done or has been done to you is in the past. 

At this moment, you are safe and okay.

The reason your past still effects you is because the thoughts you have about it at this moment.

And I’m not saying those thoughts are wrong or invalid.

But if your thoughts are creating pain and causing negative cycles in your life, I have good news.

You can change thoughts. You get to think whatever feels good and serves you. Really diving into the deep, uncomfortable thoughts and understanding them in a new way can free you from the weight they cause you.

You deserve to have the pain of your past taken off of your shoulders.

The things that cause you pain don’t have ANY POWER. You have the power. This is a beautiful thing because nobody can take that away from you.

Having trauma and having an eating disorder doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you. And when you begin to see that, everything will change.

And in case you are interested in a FREE session with me to see changes in your life, e-mail me at

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