The End of Your Story

You can create a life where food isn’t an issue.

You can create a relationship with yourself that is loving and safe.  

You have all the power to decide what the end of your story is.

You can’t control the past, your family or what other people do, but you can control the way you decide to think about them.  

You can control the things you do to overcome the obstacles you’ve faced so far in life.  

Then you can move beyond it all.   You can create a life that is bigger and more fulfilling than you can even dream of.  

What if you chose to believe that you will have a healthy relationship with food despite the struggles you’ve had up to this point?

What if you went and created a life where food isn’t an issue?

What if you confront your issues head on?  

What will your life look like?  

Comment and answer those questions!

And have a fantastic week!   

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Lifelong Benefits of Coaching

My coaching program teaches teenagers how to go from overeating to listening to and honoring their bodies!

I love seeing this transformation. And it is possible!

Many people don’t ever change their eating behaviors. It is challenging! They get discouraged when they messed up.

I love watching my clients succeed even though it is hard.

They take on one obstacle at a time and learn to conquer it. Sometimes they mess up, and they learn from it.

Coaching helps girls create healthy relationships with themselves and their bodies. But that is not all…

Coaching also creates a young woman who can do hard things in school, athletics, relationships, college and beyond!

Our brains are the most important tool that we possess.

The skill of working on our brains will always benefit us!

Want to experience the benefits of coaching?

Join me for 30 minutes of coaching on the obstacles you are facing. Available appointments are listed below.

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Now is Your Time to Heal

How can this help me grow into the next best version of myself?

COVID-19 and the resulting changes to our day-to-day lives have been challenging.

While I would never wish pain upon anyone, adversity is exactly what we need to grow. A disruption to our routines could be just what we need to make the changes we want to make.  

A broken-off engagement early on in my recovery motivated me to do some deeper work on my self-confidence.  

A traumatic experience I had while living abroad launched me into deepening my self-coaching work and I signed up to be coached professionally for the first time.

Six months later, I began the process of getting certified as a coach.  

I am grateful for the heartache now that I see the end result.   There is a lot of unknown right now, but I can use this hard time to launch me into deeper growth.

And so can you!   Ask yourself,  

“How can _______ help me grow into the next best version of myself?”  

Now is your time to heal your relationship with food!  

Click the button below to get some personalized coaching FOR FREE!  

I will help you overcome the obstacles you are facing.

Schedule Appointment
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Food Isn’t the Problem

When you are looking at a pile of empty food wrappers, I know food seems to be the problem. 

A problem that needs to be fixed with losing the weight! Staying away from food!

Food is NOT the problem though.

Food is just the way you have learned to cope with life.

The real problem isn’t the food, it’s not having the skill to allow discomfort.

We aren’t usually taught how to feel uncomfortable on purpose.

Food is your solution when the discomfort of life gets too intense.

What if you didn’t need food to cope with life?

What if you had the skills to cope with any emotion without food?

Binge eating wouldn’t be an issue. You would know that you can sit through an urge to binge with an abundance of peace.

You can sit through over-desire for food, heartbreak and anger. And you don’t need food to cope.

You need to learn how to be uncomfortable in order to free yourself from binge eating.

But isn’t the discomfort worth being present for the good parts of life?

I’d much rather be uncomfortable on purpose, in the present moment, than later on with an uncomfortably stuffed stomach, shame and embarrassment.

I’d rather face life head on, fully process the difficult stuff and move on with peace so I can also show up for the good parts of life.

You deserve to fully experience life!

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Diets Lead to Binge Eating

Dieting seems like a logical solution to stop binge eating. Except…

DIETS don’t work. Some studies have found that 95% of diets fail and any lost weight is all gained back within 3 years.

There are a few reasons diets don’t work, but a big reason is the thoughts that fuel dieting behaviors.

We are thinking:

I don’t like the way I look” or

I need to make up for that binge

Then we are dieting from a place of shame, fear or another negative emotion.

The diet might work for a minute, but the negative emotions that are fueling the diet + the hunger caused by the decreased calories = perfect storm for a binge.

Negative emotion + hunger = intense desire for food

This is the last thing we want to do when we want to stop binge eating.

What do I recommend?

We want to do the opposite of the binge eating formula.

Helpful thoughts and emotions + nourished body = no need to binge eat

We do this by diving into our brains and examining what we think about ourselves.

We can learn to really love ourselves. Then, it is a lot easier to eat well.

Feeding our bodies healthy, nourishing, tasty and satisfying food is one of the greatest acts of self-love.

This is the cycle we want to help you or your loved one who is struggling, create for yourselves.

Click HERE to Claim a Free Mini Session

Personalized coaching on this or another food issue will help you find lasting freedom! Click the button above to schedule a free session.

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Timing a Behavior Change

Happy March 2nd! A new month! A Monday!

Every day is a chance for change, but there is something to be said about the beginning of a year, month or week.

According to When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink new beginnings and other significant dates are the best times to change a behavior.

Perhaps it’s because we believe we can change because we can let go of last week, last month and last year. And all the times we failed to change.

Even just reading this article could be enough of a trigger point to remind you that you are capable of changing your behavior today.

All of these changes and new beginnings bring up new thoughts, and new thoughts lead to new results.

Today is the day you can begin healing your relationship with food. Why not?!

My free guide: a Binge Free Week is the perfect place to start.

All you have to do is enter your name and E-mail below and press “Get It Now” it will take you to my free guide! 4 Steps to a Binge Free Week.

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Things You Might Not Know About Me

I help girls stop binge eating because I’ve been there. I know how challenging changing it is to make peace with food.

I took my eating disorder in as part of my identity.

“I am someone who struggles with food” was a core belief I held about myself.

I had to intentionally create the life I wanted for myself in order to heal my relationship with food.

My life isn’t perfect. I make mistakes. I fall down. But my relationship with food is no longer what holds me back from growing in other areas of my life.

I want to encourage you to drop the labels of an eating disorder and mental illness and get in touch with the person you want to be.

This is the first step towards having a healthy relationship with food.

Here are a few things about me and the life I have created so far:

I am married to my best friend.

My husband Chris and I have been married since July 2018. Marriage has helped me grow in many ways. I use the same coaching tools I teach to overcome binge eating in my marriage in order to overcome my weaknesses and work towards being a loving, patient and supportive wife.

I love the outdoors.

I have had some of my most spiritual, transformative and simply FUN experiences on backpacking trips, hiking or even just running outdoors. I jump at any opportunity to get outdoors and do something fun.

I moved states twice this past year.

In August 2019, we decided to move from Idaho to Oregon for my husband to pursue better career opportunities and in order to be close to family. And just last week we moved from Oregon to Washington (only 40 minutes away from where we were living) in order to be close to my husband’s new job.

We are hoping to stay here for a while, settle and make more friends here.

I volunteered at an orphanage in Romania for 4 months.

Volunteering and building close bonds with the kids I worked with was rewarding, challenging and humbling. Living in a different country, dealing with some challenging obstacles and knowing I made a difference all made this a rewarding experience.

I finally have my own dog.

I have always been a dog person. And I’ve bonded with every dog I’ve lived with. Just recently, Chris & I adopted our own dog. She is an angel and we love spoiling her.

There is a lot of good in my life and also some difficult things I deal with. I am so grateful I have tools to help me through all of it.

There is a life out there that is free of disordered eating. It is possible and I am here to help you get there!

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You are Enough

I stopped believing that anyone could fix me or fix my relationship with food.

In high school, I had a week full of eating disorder behaviors and I saw my grades slipping, my athletic performance tanking and I was hardly interested in being with my friends.

I thought that I was broken beyond repair. But I wasn’t

Then I tried my best in therapy and treatment. And I kept binge eating.

At this point I was certain I was broken!

But I was never broken beyond repair. And I know that because of where I am now.

You are not broken either. You can believe that now, even if the evidence seems to point elsewhere.

You can learn how to manage your mind and create a life without binge eating.

If you or your daughter is struggling…

If you want some help, (for free)…

Choose a time below to meet one-on-one with me. We can take a look at your personal obstacles so you can see the path towards healing.

Choose your time zone and select the time that works best for you.

You are Not Broken ❤️

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Shame: Binge Eating’s Companion

Shame and eating disorders are close friends.

My relationship with food caused a lot of shame! Especially when nobody else knew I was binge eating.

The fear of someone finding out that I was out of control I was added an extra layer of shame.

Shame is a heavy emotion. The problem with it is, the longer you avoid it, the heavier it gets.

When we avoid feeling our emotions, they might go away for a minute. The food might make it easier for a minute.

The problem is, they bubble back up. And they overflow into other parts of our lives.

It is so important to acknowledge them before they bubble up.

As I began getting help, talking openly with people I trusted and working towards recovery, the shame was a little bit lighter.

Talking about our shame with someone we trust is the best way to begin healing from it. Stopping the shame from flowing into the rest of our lives.

You deserve to stop binge eating for good.

You can schedule a free mini session below and practice coping with shame in a healthy way.

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3 Reasons Why You Binge

When I started to struggle with binge eating I believed it was a character flaw.

I was wrong!

The more I tried to control food, the more it controlled me.

It turns out that the more my negative thoughts about myself and my relationship took over, the worse my binge eating got.

I know how shameful it feels to have an out of control relationship with food, but I also know how possible it is to stop binge eating and not even think about binge eating any more.

It can be easy to eat what your body needs.

It can be easy to stop eating when your body is full.

Once you understand WHY you binge eat, you can begin experiencing those changes.

1. You aren’t allowing yourself to eat enough during the day

Undereating is the beginning of overeating. It is not only the amount of calories you are eating, but the reason why you are restricting your calories.

Our brains think we are starving when we begin restricting our food from a place of self-hatred.

Once you eat, your brain and body won’t want you to stop. Your desire for food will become out of control which will usually lead to a binge.

It’s important to learn how much and what kind of foods your body needs. This will allow you to

2. You are mean to yourself

It’s hard to allow an urge to binge. It requires that you sit in discomfort for a little while.

You need to have confidence in your ability to do hard things and compassion towards yourself in order to take the difficult step of allowing an urge.

3. You haven’t learned the skill of allowing an urge

Allowing an urge is a skill. It takes practice.

Until you can sit through an urge without bingeing or numbing in another way, you will continue to binge.

Allowing yourself to feel the discomfort and strong desire to binge, but not acting on it is the key to healing.

It begins with practicing.

I can help you see the steps you can take to not even want to binge eat in a free mini session for you or your daughter. Click the button below to schedule.

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