Processing Emotions

In this episode, Krista shares the #1 skill that has helped her improve her relationship with food & many other areas of her life.

You will learn what it means to process emotions, how not processing emotions negatively impact our lives, and how it can improve your life when you begin to process them.

You will walk away with exercises you can use today to help you stop binge eating! Did this episode help you? Connect with me & access more binge eating recovery content on Instagram at

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Why You Give Up

Do you wake up committed to not binge, but then give up later in the day when things get hard?

Today’s episode is all about WHY this happens and how to stop giving up!

I can help you stop binge eating for good, learn more about coaching and apply at

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The Root of Why You Binge

Even if you never have the opportunity to binge, your issues with food wouldn’t be solved. Getting to the root of why you binge is exactly how you can achieve real food freedom.

Interested in being coached? Learn more about group coaching and apply to get $100 off.

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The Binge Restrict Cycle

Krista explains the ways that restricting can actually lead to more binge eating and more struggles with food.

She gives specific tips and journal prompts to help you break the binge-restrict cycle.

Want to finally apply these things and heal your relationship with food? Group coach is now open for enrollment, apply at

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How to Feel Better

Is it hard for you to imagine being at peace with food & your body? Going from hating your body to loving it can be a huge jump. There is a process you can follow to feel better & create a better relationship with yourself. Today I teach that process.

Ready to create lasting food freedom? Learn more & apply for coaching here:

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Unhelpful Beliefs

Krista shares steps to help you recognize the unhelpful beliefs that are influencing your relationship with food, keeping you stuck, and leading you to feel unhappy.

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Staying Motivated

Motivation isn’t something you stumble upon, it is something you create. Learn the process I recommend using to create motivation in today’s episode.

If you want more support, you can learn more about 1-on-1 coaching at

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Binge Free Holiday Training Day 3

Final video & the MOST HELPFUL one (in my opinion)

3 Mistakes I see people make in Binge Eating recovery. Learn how to avoid these mistakes.

Also, when you join the πŸŽ‰Food Freedom Method Course πŸŽ‰ between now and Sunday you will get $100 off😱 (Normally $297). I wanted to make this a NO BRAINER.

Now is the perfect time to work on your relationship with food. You’ll get a month of direct support from me to hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and support you through any obstacles. You’ll have daily workbooks to help you get to the root of why you binge.

We work on:
πŸ‘‰Binge foods
πŸ‘‰Overcoming obstacles
πŸ‘‰Body image
πŸ‘‰Joyful movement (exercise)
πŸ‘‰Meal planning

You can sign up here:…/food-freedom…

DON’T FORGET to use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY

Access today’s workbook here. And watch the video below.

If you are in the US, I hope you have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!

Did you miss one of the other days?

Day 1 Training

Day 2 Training

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Making Peace With Your Binge Foods

Are you tired of feeling out of control around certain foods? This episode is all about the process I teach my clients that helps them make peace with their binge foods.

Interested in the Food Freedom Method Course? Learn more here:

Connect with me on Instagram:Β Krista Couch Coaching (@bingeeatingcoach) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

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