Obsessed with sweets?

I felt out of control, even as I was being praised for being the one skipping dessert.⠀

Part of my identity was eating healthy! Yet I was always thinking about food.⠀

As I learned more about eating disorders, I realized I was not alone.⠀

It is estimated that 3.5% of women and 2% of men struggle with binge eating disorder. It’s the most common eating disorder.⠀

That means that you probably know several people (or more) who struggle in secret.⠀

When there is a name for it, there is a solution. ⠀
So what is the best way to overcome binge eating disorder?⠀

Getting down to the root cause, restriction, habit, or emotions. It could be one or all 3. It is important to acknowledge the CAUSE so you can HEAL.⠀

Because you can heal!⠀

I know a lot of you are looking for tools you can use to overcome binge eating for good.⠀

That’s exactly why I created the 5-day challenge where I will teach you how to coach yourself.⠀

I wanted to create something free that can help as many of you as possible!⠀

I included daily lessons and journal prompts to help you do the deep work that leads to lasting recovery.⠀

This is for you if you are:⠀

• Frustrated by a lack of progress.⠀
• Feeling stuck in therapy⠀
• Need tools that you can apply to your unique circumstances⠀
• You’re fed up with binge eating and you’re ready to feel better.⠀

Are you a part of the 5-day challenge yet?

What are you waiting for?

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bedrecovery/ or send an e-mail to krista@kristacouchcoaching.com to get the trainings sent to you.

Can’t wait to see you there.

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Why You Keep Binge Eating

You can learn all the tips and tricks, but if you aren’t working on your thoughts you will continue to struggle with food.

Here are some thoughts that lead to binge eating:
“I weigh too much”
“I am a failure”
“I can’t trust myself around food”
“At this point, I’m never going to stop binge eating”
“I need to lose weight and eat perfectly”
“I need food to relax”

Do you see any of those thoughts showing up? Maybe you catch yourself thinking one of those thoughts, or perhaps all of them.

Let me know which ones you notice. 

Why Thinking Makes a Difference

Those thoughts perpetuate the binge eating cycle. They lead you to restrict your food intake, not apply the tools that you know will help you stop binge eating or even give up on yourself! Ultimately, those thoughts are harming you. They are contributing to a disordered way of eating that is harmful to your physical and mental health.

How to Work on It…

Ask yourself some deep questions. Why do you keep binge eating? What are the thoughts that are contributing to the negative cycle?  

Once you recognize the cause, you can start making positive changes! 

The thing is, we are limited when we look at our brains. There is a lot of stuff we can’t see. That is why I still work with a coach even though I am an experienced and professionally trained coach. 

So if you stuck in a binge eating cycle and you’re fed up, apply for 1-on-1 coaching! If you apply, there are no commitments or obligations, applying allows you to find out more. If you aren’t a good fit or aren’t ready to be coached 1-on-1 I will be able to direct you to other helpful resources.

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Resistance to Intuitive Eating

Reasons Intuitive Eating isn’t “working” for you:⠀

I know you because I was you! I was doing ALL these things, so there’s no judgement here. But if you want FREEDOM from binge eating (which you can have) it’s important to take a deep look at these 3 things.⠀

• You are turning to food for things other than hunger because food is your primary coping mechanism (this is simply a sign it’s time to add some new tools to your toolbox)⠀

• You haven’t worked through the diet mentality & you’re holding on tight to the promise of another diet (example: trying intuitive eating primarily to lose weight)⠀

• You are expecting yourself to be the perfect intuitive eater. (It is SUPPOSED to be a messy process)⠀

All these things are a normal part of completely rewriting your relationship with food. ⠀

Let the process be messy, just don’t ever give up! Peace with food is worth it!

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Ending Food Comparison

Food Comparison makes us CRAZY🤪⠀

Are you a plate watcher? 🍽⠀

Always making sure you aren’t eating too much or too fast compared to everyone else?⠀

It took me years to stop 🛑 comparing & begin honoring my own signals. ⠀

But when I did 🎊🎉⠀

We often only see a small picture of other people’s eating habits & we are so much better off trusting my own body.⠀

Sometimes I eat less than the people around me and sometimes I eat more 🤷‍♀️ I’m just listening to my own body.⠀

3 Tips to stop 🛑 plate comparing:⠀
-Check in with your body as you eat⠀
-Remember that you only see a small picture of somebody else’s nutrition/exercise⠀
-What is an exciting thing you can think about or talk about when comparison creeps in?⠀

🍽 Lets face it, what we eat is the least interesting thing about us.

What is I told you I have a PDF that will skyrocket your confidence around food and help you stop binge eating? Because I do, and it is FREE!

I will e-mail you a copy of UnBinge Your Brain! Just enter the e-mail you want me to send it below.

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I’m Listening

The murder of George Floyd has led to a wave of protest, advocates speaking up and many members of the Black community to SPEAK UP about racism, injustices, and police violence.

This is a complicated issue! Issues that stir up intense emotions.

I just want to speak up and say “I’m listening”

While I don’t understand what it is like to be Black, I do know what it’s like to be human. We all have stories and valid reasons for what we believe.

So this weekend I listened to people in the Black community who are speaking up. I heard their voices.

To be honest, I disagreed with a few things I saw and heard.

But I listened! I asked myself some tough questions. I got uncomfortable. I let myself question some of the fundamental things that I believe about myself.

We grow when we get uncomfortable. When we challenge ourselves! When we listen!

If you are black and have been speaking up, THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your story and putting yourself in a vulnerable spot. If you are part of another race that is discriminated against, THANK YOU! If you are white, it’s our chance to listen!

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A Simple Habit to CONQUER Binge Eating

All you need is 2 minutes a day!

I did this in recovery and it was a GAME CHANGER and when I recommended it to a client, a lightbulb went off! She stopped binge eating!

What time of day do you binge eat?

If there is a specific time of day that you binge eat, that is the PERFECT time to add in this habit!

-Right after dinner-Right when you get done with work-Before you watch TV

Grab paper or your phone and…

Write out as many reasons as you can that you want to recover in 2 minutes!

As you habitually remind yourself of the reasons you want to recover, you will create motivation!

When we feel motivated, it is easier to follow through with all of the things that will help you not binge eat. Like setting your 10-minute timer and allowing an urge.

Want to take it deeper

Are you ready to just be DONE with binge eating? You are a perfect candidate for a free session.

I see you! I know how hard it is. A session with me is a safe space to open up about what you are going through. I’ve been there too! 

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Do you like yourself? 

Do you ever think about what you like about yourself?

List 10 things that YOU like about yourself.

Not what other people like about you. Nobody needs to agree with you and they don’t need to be big things. But what do you love about yourself?

Here is what I love about myself…


1. Empathetic

3. Adventurous and willing to try almost anything once

4. A good wife and friend

5. Smart and I think outside the box

6. Loving

7. Open to new ideas

8. Creative

9. Funny

10. Ambitious

You’re up next! What are the 10 things you LOVE about yourself?

A free mini-session is an opportunity investigate why you are binge eating and learn how YOU can create an easy relationship with food. Pick a time below to claim your spot!

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Getting Out of a “Recovery Rut”

When you aren’t making progress, you’re in a “Recovery Rut”.

It’s normal to feel stuck sometimes, but why stay stuck?

A “recovery rut” I experienced:

By bedtime, I was ravenously hungry and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was challenging to eat mindfully and intuitively when I was SO hungry.

I wasn’t eating enough throughout the day! I was scared I would lose control.

I needed to trust my body and feed it when I was hungry.

Getting “Unstuck” begins with challenging ourselves! Doing something outside of our comfort zone.

If you want a new result, you need to change the thinking that is getting you there.

Stop beating yourself up for being stuck and begin searching for the solution. Because there is a solution!

Are you in a “Recovery Rut”? Chose a time below and we can get down to the bottom of what is causing you to stay stuck!

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Easily Overcome the Urge to Binge Eat

I wanted to put together a video to help people overcome the urge to binge eat.

If I could only teach you one thing, it would be how to sit through an urge and make it as easy as possible for you. This video dives in to how to do that.

Watch the video by entering your info and pressing “Get it Now”

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Post-Binge Shame Attacks: 4 Steps to Get Back on Track

Post-Binge Shame Attacks are intense and without a strategy, they can set you up for another binge.

These steps can help you set up a strategy to conquer any “post-binge” shame.

But first, there is no need to feel shame after a binge. Early in my recovery, I liked to remind myself, “I’m not quite there yet, but I’m taking steps in the right direction.

How to set up a strategy: 

1. Set up a meal plan that you can stick to.

It will be tempting to skip your next meal, especially if you want to lose weight. Still eat the same meals, at the same time as planned. 

You might not eat the same portion for the next meal, but try to eat as normally as possible. This will set you up for success by preventing intense hunger later on.

2. Don’t answer the urge to “make up for it”.

Shame likes to trick us into thinking that we need to make up for a binge in order to feel peaceful again. The truth is, “making up for it” is like chasing your tail. Exhausting and not very fruitful.
3. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO: Allow yourself to sit in the discomfort.

The truth is, we don’t change until we really feel the discomfort of our current patterns. Many of us run away from discomfort every time it comes knocking and stay in the same, unhelpful cycles.

The goal is to break out of that.

4. Ask yourself, “What can I do to show myself compassion and self-love right now?” and do those things!

Allowing discomfort and sitting in self-pity are very different things. Don’t push away the discomfort, but take care of yourself as you feel it. This too shall pass.
LOOK, I know this can be hard to conquer on your own. That’s why I developed a 6-month coaching program.

I help people through the shame-attacks and help you get back on track. I help you see what is going wrong and how to get out of the binge eating cycle for good.

Learn more about 1-on-1 coaching at kristacouchcoaching.com/1-on-1-coaching/

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