I Give Women the Tools to Live a Healthy Life!

My job is to lead you to a life free of binge eating.

By the time I was a teenager, my life was a continuous cycle of restricting, bingeing and purging. My relationships with my family and friends struggled because of it.

I received treatment, but I kept relapsing.

While the things I learned in therapy were helpful, I didn’t have strategies to use on my own that helped when I was alone and struggling with the disordered eating patterns.

Then, I was introduced to a few tools that made the path to stop bingeing clear.

I was able to use these tools during the moments that I needed them, not just during a therapy appointment. This changed everything for me.

I earned a certificate as a Life Coach at the Life Coach School.

As a coach, I’m able to help my clients understand why they do the things they do, and then I help them change the, for good.

During our calls, you will be able to see your mind in a new way. And after the calls, you will have tools to apply to your life.

Overcoming binge eating uses skills that will be useful in all of your pursuits.

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