A Simple Habit to CONQUER Binge Eating

All you need is 2 minutes a day!

I did this in recovery and it was a GAME CHANGER and when I recommended it to a client, a lightbulb went off! She stopped binge eating!

What time of day do you binge eat?

If there is a specific time of day that you binge eat, that is the PERFECT time to add in this habit!

-Right after dinner-Right when you get done with work-Before you watch TV

Grab paper or your phone and…

Write out as many reasons as you can that you want to recover in 2 minutes!

As you habitually remind yourself of the reasons you want to recover, you will create motivation!

When we feel motivated, it is easier to follow through with all of the things that will help you not binge eat. Like setting your 10-minute timer and allowing an urge.

Want to take it deeper

Are you ready to just be DONE with binge eating? You are a perfect candidate for a free session.

I see you! I know how hard it is. A session with me is a safe space to open up about what you are going through. I’ve been there too! 

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