Why am I a Coach?

Why am I a Coach?

I’m a coach because I have used coaching in my own life. My relationship with food became unhealthy at a young age. I restricted, binged and purged. I was essentially a slave to food.

I didn’t want to live my life as a slave, but I didn’t know where to get help. I saw lots of therapist. I just didn’t see results in my life or have tangible tools to use.

Coaching helped me understand myself and other people in a whole new way. My relationship with myself developed and I began to treat myself better than I knew how to before coaching.

I learned how to make peace with food and my body. I embraced my emotions and learned how to sit in discomfort. I was no longer in a hurry to change everything about my life but it changed drastically. All because I learned to manage my thoughts.

E-mail me today if you want to start your own journey to peace with yourself and food. krista@kristacouchcoaching.com