What if nothing scared you…

What would your life look like if nothing scared you? It would be a lot easier to take risk, right?

While visiting friends in another state and then again this last week in my local church I have attended a meeting with other women where we have talked about fears.

Many women expressed that they worry that they aren’t enough, about their children’s wellbeing or about losing someone they love. These are scary things. But they all have one thing in common. They cause emotions.

What if we had confidence that no matter how intense or painful an emotion is that you have the tools to sit through it.

This is completely possible.

That is what life coaching is, it gives you the tools to handle food and ANYTHING ELSE that you struggle with.

As long as we are afraid to feel our emotions, they will scare us. And we will turn to things that numb us and distract us.

The way to get through them is to simply feel them. Embrace that you are feeling something uncomfortable and know that it will be done soon. And then the happy ending will come a lot sooner.