Compelling Reason

Compelling Reason

Do you have a compelling reason to recover? The only reason we accomplish anything is if we believe that it is worth it. You have to believe that your reason to recover is more important the intense desire you feel during an urge to binge.

What are your reasons? What makes it worth it to you to sit through intense discomfort?

Really think about it.

And if your reason is strong enough, you will be able to resist an urge.

If you give into an urge, it’s time to think about what reason is more compelling than your current reason.

My compelling reason is that I want to make something of myself. In an eating disorder, I am the least healthy, happy and productive person that I can be. I don’t like that version of myself and I love the version of myself that is healthy, happy and productive.

So what is your compelling reason. Send me an e-mail to let me know at krista@kristacouchcoaching.com