Single Valentine’s

With all the roses, chocolate, love songs and couples everywhere, it isn’t an easy day to be single. Especially if you want someone in your life.

But even if you are single, I want to point out that it can be a beautiful holiday.

Love is one of the best emotions.

Emotions drive all our actions. So what do you think love produces? How do you act when you feel love?

How would you act if you felt love towards your body?

Ponder these questions and consider all the beautiful things you can celebrate today!

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What if nothing scared you…

What would your life look like if nothing scared you? It would be a lot easier to take risk, right?

While visiting friends in another state and then again this last week in my local church I have attended a meeting with other women where we have talked about fears.

Many women expressed that they worry that they aren’t enough, about their children’s wellbeing or about losing someone they love. These are scary things. But they all have one thing in common. They cause emotions.

What if we had confidence that no matter how intense or painful an emotion is that you have the tools to sit through it.

This is completely possible.

That is what life coaching is, it gives you the tools to handle food and ANYTHING ELSE that you struggle with.

As long as we are afraid to feel our emotions, they will scare us. And we will turn to things that numb us and distract us.

The way to get through them is to simply feel them. Embrace that you are feeling something uncomfortable and know that it will be done soon. And then the happy ending will come a lot sooner.

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Trusting Yourself With Food

While I was in treatment, my dietitian literally put me in a room all by myself with all of my fear foods. Which was basically all the foods I would binge on.

I did fine, but probably because I was in a treatment center and didn’t have the option to purge. If I was truly alone I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle myself around all those sweets and rich foods.

So what hadn’t I figured out yet that made me so anxious around those foods?

I needed to feel confident that I was in control of when I would stop eating the food. I was so used to feeling anxiety around food that I believed that I wouldn’t stop eating if I started.

Then I started to look at my problems in a new way and I asked myself new questions.

What if I trusted myself around food? What if I knew I would stop eating just as confidently as I know I will stop drinking water when I’m hydrated?

I would trust myself to eat my meal and then not worry about eating more when I was done. I wouldn’t worry about eating all the cookies because my body will tell me when to stop.

The reason why is because food started to become more neutral and didn’t cause such a big spike in my anxiety. I felt confident around food and then I ate from a place of confidence.

And how does a confident person eat? With balance and love towards themselves. And that’s exactly how I eat now.

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Routines and Recovery

Weekends in recovery can present many challenges. One of those challenges is a change in routine.

It is really important to maintain a routine on the weekend so that you can avoid bingeing and/or purging.

Getting dressed is a good first step. Even if you’re changing into something comfy it sets the tone to the day and makes a difference in how you feel.

Having a plan on when to eat is also an important part of maintaining a routine on the weekend. When you have a plan to nourish your body with tasty and nutritious food, you fill have a huge advantage when you’re faced with an urge to binge.

Additionally, keeping your sleep schedule relatively normal will help you feel energized and productive during the weekend and make Monday a lot easier.

And most importantly, find ways to enjoy your weekend. Whether it’s going out on the town or spending a night cuddled inside, find a way to enjoy yourself.

I hope that you can feel confident that you can maintain recovery even on the weekend. Just take it one day at a time and one meal at a time.

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Compelling Reason

Do you have a compelling reason to recover? The only reason we accomplish anything is if we believe that it is worth it. You have to believe that your reason to recover is more important the intense desire you feel during an urge to binge.

What are your reasons? What makes it worth it to you to sit through intense discomfort?

Really think about it.

And if your reason is strong enough, you will be able to resist an urge.

If you give into an urge, it’s time to think about what reason is more compelling than your current reason.

My compelling reason is that I want to make something of myself. In an eating disorder, I am the least healthy, happy and productive person that I can be. I don’t like that version of myself and I love the version of myself that is healthy, happy and productive.

So what is your compelling reason. Send me an e-mail to let me know at krista@kristacouchcoaching.com

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Why am I a Coach?

I’m a coach because I have used coaching in my own life. My relationship with food became unhealthy at a young age. I restricted, binged and purged. I was essentially a slave to food.

I didn’t want to live my life as a slave, but I didn’t know where to get help. I saw lots of therapist. I just didn’t see results in my life or have tangible tools to use.

Coaching helped me understand myself and other people in a whole new way. My relationship with myself developed and I began to treat myself better than I knew how to before coaching.

I learned how to make peace with food and my body. I embraced my emotions and learned how to sit in discomfort. I was no longer in a hurry to change everything about my life but it changed drastically. All because I learned to manage my thoughts.

E-mail me today if you want to start your own journey to peace with yourself and food. krista@kristacouchcoaching.com

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When You Can’t Fall Asleep

When You Can’t Fall Asleep
Woman peacefully sleeping in bed at night

Our sleep patterns have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. But when you are trying to fall asleep with an anxious mind, there are many challenges that can come up.

When you stop using food and other buffering behaviors, you will be bombarded with the emotions that you have been pushing away. This can be scary, but it can also be a great opportunity to get to know yourself.

When you find yourself too anxious and wound up to sleep, try these steps:

1. Write a Thought Download

Grab a peace of paper and write all the thoughts on your mind. Write for 5-15 minutes. It can be messy and scattered, just write anything that comes to mind.

2. Organize Your Thoughts

Separate the helpful thoughts from the unhelpful thoughts and spend time practicing thinking those thoughts.

3. Turn off the Screens

I know it can be tempting to fall asleep with the television on and scrolling through social media, but those things will keep your minding spinning and keep you awake.

4. Practice Some Self Care

Turn on a diffuser, put some lotion on and stretch. Just do whatever feels best for you.

Try some of these things and show yourself the most care by simply taking care of yourself. You deserve a good night’s rest.

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Meal Planning

Having a meal plan is an important thing in recovery. It can allow you to feel satisfied and fueled throughout the day. Plus, knowing what you are eating for your next meal makes it easier to put off eating until your meal when you want to eat for emotional reasons between meals.

Each week I sit with my husband and make a list of what we will have for dinner. It’s casual, but it gives me a good idea of what we need to buy and assures we will use all the food we already have.

I recommend having a place in your kitchen where you write down dinners.

I also have a few breakfast I eat regularly. I always have the ingredients on hand and I sometimes prepare them the night before for convenience.

Early in recovery I would plan all my meals ahead of time, but now I like to be spontaneous. I’ve always stuck with regular meal times though. It keeps me energized and allows me to stick to a schedule.

Planning my meals helps me believe food is always available and makes gorging myself in a binge less appealing.

How can you meal plan this week in order to help your recovery?

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When Will You Let Go?

I will let go when I am at the “right” weight. I will let go when I find love. I will let go when I get married. I will let go when I graduate college.

Have you said these things to yourself? Are you convinced you won’t eat like this forever, but the deadline keeps extending?

Your eating habits will not easily change or go away when you reach your goals. They will change when you decide you’re ready to take actions.

You need to commit to making the changes in your life that will free you from destructive eating habits.

Right where you are today. This moment. This is where you need to choose to change your habits. Change your thinking and start living the life that will get you to you where you want to end up.

Schedule a free mini session today and get started in living the life you deserve.

In a mini session, you will get a feel for how I can help you change your eating habits. We will talk about some of the things that you’re nervous about in starting recovery.

You deserve to start living a life free from your eating disorder now.

E-mail me at: krista@kristacouchcoaching.com

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How to Love and Be Loved

Relationships are a very emotional and special part of our lives. However, when we are struggling in our relationships, we feel like something is missing.

From the time I’ve started my eating disorder recovery journey, I’ve been in love, heart broken and now I’m married to the love of my life. These ups and downs have shown me the importance of managing my thoughts.

Managing our minds and doing thought work is an important tool to have healthy, happy relationships. My relationship with my husband has been so happy and easy when I’m properly taking responsibility for and managing my thoughts.

Did you know you can be happy in any relationship?

This does not mean you should ever stay in an abusive relationship. However, it does mean that no matter who you are with, you can chose to have thoughts that help your relationship.

This includes your most important relationship, the one you have with yourself.

If you have questions or need help learning to manage your mind when it comes to relationships and disordered eating, schedule a FREE mini session with me today.

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