Stop Bingeing and Purging and Start Living!

For a long time, I felt like a robot living my life traveling from one debilitating urge to binge to another. I struggled with an eating disorder from a young age and have felt what it’s like to feel constantly at war with food.

I got to the point that I binged and purged multiple times a day. After participating in a residential treatment program, I was medically stable but not confident in my ability to resist the urge to return to my destructive habits.

I was introduced to a few tools that changed my life’s course and changed the way I approached my recovery.

Several years later, I am happily married, in recovery, physically healthy and emotionally balanced.

I was on the path to become a psychologist and chose to change my career because I want to really help people free themselves of the shame and pain of disordered eating and I know that the tools I have as a life coach can do that.

So are you ready to stop being a slave to food? Are you ready to purge yourself of the urge to overeat?

I earned a certificate as a Life Coach via the Life Coach School. And now I want to teach you how to use those tools that have helped me to help you achieve a life free of disordered eating.

We will work on understanding your thoughts and beliefs that trigger your urges to binge and then work on changing the destructive patterns you currently have into exciting new paths of freedom.

I have felt the shame and exhaustion it takes to sustain an eating disorder and then the freedom and joy of recovery. I chose to become a life coach so I could share the tools I have to help you find the same freedom and joy.